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They took my baby without a Warrant or Judges Signature which is the Law. They will lie. I have not received any paperwork. Any written responses, without excluding any documentation, will be included in the case documentation. PLEASE HELP US!!! We need an attorney and representation in family court to fight for my new born daughter in phoenix The one that is suspected is investigated by DCS and the particular accusation or complaint made against them. leave message at 6five7 342-9three28. }, { With all due respect, you are labeling a four year old as if she is a monster and you should be ashamed of yourself. Please help I will add you to the page. CALL TOPHER MARGOLIS ATTORNEY FOR RIDEOUT LAW GROUP. Saved Save. When my baby was born I was there and I broke down ? Later on in June 2020 I had learned that she had been fired along with 7 other dcs worker for wear a t-shirt it was pink with white writing and it said Thank-you David Im going to call him this morning. Dcfs knew and even after a year has still failed to report to the other victims families or law enforcement. If you are accused of child abuse, a child abuse lawyer can also determine the best strategy to defend against the charges or clear your name. CPS Lawyers | Phoenix Office Avg. They came into my life Like I lived in 1943 Germany LIKE NAZIS.. Theyre working against parents, with DCFS aka. 623-226-6909. I am seeking the help of an attorney willing to face DCS in court and keep them honest. My attorney is a joke . They keep postponing the visits, or saying last minute they cannot make it, then when it comes time for court, they say that daughter is the one who could not make the visit. When actually the foster parents who are holding these children are lying. { HELP WITH CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEYS IN GEORGIA PLZ }, { You worked for them for 24 years, meaning you did horrific things to earn a living and you want to play victim? Experience: 14 years 602-857-9230 40 N. Central Ave, Suite 2310, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Other Nearby Offices Cantor Law Group has experience helping clients with their CPS needs in Phoenix, Arizona. ( Although I was the victim, and received a concussion.) The baby momma I didnt know until after we got together had a disability and I didnt quite understand it and when she went to her doctor check up due to COVID I wasnt aloud to go in with her I was robbed of getting to be there for the ultra sounds and basically not knowing anything other than what she told me and she wasnt honest to me. Im so sorry this is happening to your family. FightCPS: Child Protective Services-CPS-False Accusations, March 5, 2016 - By Linda Martin - 82 Comments. Find me on Facebook please Ive got a post on havasu orchids and onions new and improved. FightCPS does not work with or know any of these lawyers. I didnt even know if Id be killed or not. I need help. conveniently hidden from you under Title 6 Economic Security. costs about 4500 fee..They work all over AZ too.. Nicole please keep this in mind to help you deal with all of this. Parents should not give up on reunificaiton. It could be that the allegations are not correct or that the allegations are not sufficient to have moved the children. Lawyers to Hire for Child Protective Services Cases Pro-Bono Lawyers Most of the lawyers listed in this section of the FightCPS website need to be paid. Im not a Criminal. this can not be okay. Even though we showed them they would not give us our boys back. How to resolve a complaint or disagreement with Arizona CPS this is what they suggest: to talk to your CPS worker about it, then her supervisor, then the Ombudsman. He will get them.out of your life. TOPHER GOT MY BABY BACK HOME IN 30 DAYS AND CPS OUT OF OUR LIVES IN 2.5 MONTHS. NOBODY CARES ABOUT US OR OUR KIDS all dcs keeps saying is they have money money money and can provide stuff they need. I feel like the foster parents who are taking care of these boys, for the past year, have fallen in love with them. We stand ready to help you tell your side of the story and fight hard against the government to avoid or minimize the damage of a conviction. I reported sexual abuse to Phoenix Police, finally 14 hours later cps came (after I had to flag an officer down on the side of the road.even after calling 911..) They arrested me for trespassing on a order of protection. Start your own movement. (front side):Professional Kidnappers. Our last hearing the judge ruled that the state had failed to show significant effort for reunification. (480) 680-7432. . Theyre not doing whats best for my child at all. Phone: 602-626-9552 (Phoenix) The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Can anyone help us get our kids. My case manger fails to reply to any of my emails and is definitely in contempt. Hope and pray for you and your babies me and my boy friend are in the same boat cps trying to stretch our case to take my kids they even lied to the judge and I have proof they did and not even the judge has your back there all connected I am trying to get a real lawyer and fight for my family and others. Dear Linda Jo Martin- I just want you to know that you are so appreciated. She has asked me multiple times to let her take temporary custody for the money and ive always said no. They tried to Claim an Emergency however we had in home Cameras to prove otherwise. On the second foster home I was talking about my daughter was having to take care of the other foster kids while the foster parents were out of town for the weekend and there were other things going on that I dont care to talk about. Pro bono programs match low-income clients with volunteer lawyers, who agree to take their cases for free. Im a grandmother and trying to get my granddaughter placed with me and have been trying for 18 months. The orphanage that I went to after my grandmother had passed tortured my mind an awful lot until they finally released me four years later. Well Arizona had the boys flown back to arizona. I been there mother and father since day 1. For an emailed notificationof new articles,enter your email address here: Copyright 2023 Linda Jo Martin, site owner, By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. 4 min read. Also the judge was not happy about Arizona being in contempt of court. This is like a life or death sentence, Im trying to make my voice be heard but I cant do it all on my own. Ive done everything dcs has required of me but yet they still are trying to sever my parental rights and its not right I want to make them pay for what theyre doing to me and my babys. Linda Jo Martin is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program had a court appointed lawyer who doesnt truely have any interest in her job.. What I am asking is, I want to reverse the parental severance I dont want to lose my children. They actually took information of another man and said it was me. That Real Lawyers Name is TOPHER MARGOLIS. I need help in finding a case and thats because dcs took and lied to me about my name nd my age they took my son and called me dullional when my son was a baby and they are trying to take my right Im a really loving mother and I would really need a lawsuit on dcs im in Kingman, Hello Crista I live in yavapai county and I did do an ICPC and during the pandemic Relentless Republicans advanced three anti-LGBTQ bills to the full Arizona Senate on Monday despite warnings that the bills might be unconstitutional. Phone: 602-277-6900 Website: Judith A. Morse, Family Law Attorney DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC Offices in Phoenix, AZ and Scottsdale, AZ. I am exhausting every effort to be reunited with my child. Then she does that to me in retaliation and dcs ran with it since they didnt like me from the start. Make a request for an appeals attorney. he specialize in DCS cases. Law firm is in Lake Havasu. It would cause panic. AZ passed a new law that cases involving children abusing other children the parents cannot be substantiated in them . If you are interested in a free consultation please do not hesitate to contact me at (602) 345-0194. Im just so glad its over. Without a written engagement agreement, you do not become a client of Moshier Law. Everything they do wrong is on purpose. As the state's top prosecutor, Democrat Kris Mayes has the power to investigate voting crimes and bring charges against those who break election laws In less than two months on the job, Arizona . I cant live without my daughter, shes my whole world. read. Please dont give up hope, dont let them win. Nav Map The information provided in this website is general and not legal, tax, financial or mental health advice. Thats why Ive suggested you should keep a case notebook about everything that happens. I seen what I know now how she is when she was using and not. When we found out my mom called Arizona and told them that the boys were here in Georgia. I love people like you who go so far out of their way to help others in recovery. David Lish and Ryan McPhie are former prosecutors in Arizona prosecuting agencies. Im sorry! I am searching for any help that will ensure this case is just. I live in Yavapai county in Arizona. Required fields are marked *. I have been waiting for someone from police to contact me because I am not the only one who has truth regarding the situation. Ive lost so much Ive lost job opportunities work whatever goals I had, everything came to a standstill to accommodate there case plan for me and my baby. At this point DCS has falsified evidence, forged signatures, forced me to leave my home to get away from a non abusive relationship with the father of my children. I guess CPS is one way for the state to get federal funding streams, so that makes sense, from their point of view. My heart breaks every single day every minute every second!! In other words they cannot be Criminally Charged with a Crime for Lying about you. If you try this and get any relief, leave a comment to let me know. We had to request it for the safety of our other children . I NEED A PRO BONO LAWYER TO FIGHT CPS IN ARIZONA DO YOU KNOW OF ANY? Arizona Family Rights Facebook group for victims of AZ Child Protective Services injustice. Nothing ever makes any sense anyway because they will always come out winning because they never give up on making themselves look good. Price is Very reasonable too.. My name is Delilah and Im trying to find out how to reverse a parental severance that happened on Oct.29,2021. These pages will be completed in alphabetical order. I need support, I need someone to help advocate for my rights. Free Legal Answers. was 45 minutes late to, and the reason for it was because she had gone to Maricopa County to have a judge sign off on the removal of my children. In this case, you need an attorney who will go into court to set the record straight for the children to be returned. My little girl is 8 and ive raised her on my own her whole life by myself, we were so close and I was all she had; fast forward 15 months and she doesnt want anything to really do with me. and are all coercing my daughter to go against me. by LawyersAdmin. Hello we are in need of a lawyer If you are willing to help on a case where in the mediation and court hearing they admitted to messing up in this case. Website: Baker Law Firm, LLC, Office in Phoenix, Arizona. For Those Looking For a CPS Defense Lawyer You Can File For a State Administrative Hearing What To Do If You're Depressed Over Losing Your Children to CPS Can CPS Make You Divorce Your Husband or Wife? Government intrusion into that relationship can be devastating to both you and your child. The Police school system and Judges are all in on it because of the funding coming in. from Villanova University School of Law. Phone: 480-428-1490 (Scottsdale) Im so close to my severance trial and terrified Im going to lose because my PD withdrew seven days before deadline to have everything turned in for court. 1. They took my grandson from his mother because of her abuse-his dad has tried to get custody-we are in TN. and are doing just that. :'( ever since covid broke out theyve used that as a way to take things to a whole different level of ill willed unethically evil doings. .. my daughters half brother, his father and family in Cali were approved but here they still denied it.. and California is way more stricter than Arizona ICPC .. but I do have all the contact for az David is the state ICPC officer I can send you the contact info if you would like at This is harmful to the children. Each case will have a different set of circumstances, and therefore, legal fees often vary from case to case. We need help filing an appeal of severance of our 6 children. That was in June 2020.. All passed with flying colors. The Federal Government gives AZ Roughly 900 million a year for this Agency DCS. And due to COVID the said if I left the hospital I couldnt come back in if I left I fine with that thats were I wanted to be there feeding her baby formula every 20 30 mins changing her diaper if the nurses were not already done it I stayed over night cuz mom had the C-section done. I feel your pain. If you find something that works to resolve problems with CPS in the state of Arizona, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page, so other parents can benefit from your experience. Learn how your comment data is processed. from the University of Virginia, and his J.D. Hello everyone, Im from Tucson AZ, and I am in desperate need of help immediately, I have no family, no friends, and the people I thought I could trust like family drug court etc, I feel so alone and the last few months Ive gained the courage to challenge everything DCS ( my caseworker, her supervisor, case aide visit supervisor) for doing illegal things constantly in effort to ensure failed reunification and also in collaboration with my daughters kinship placement (my ex foster mom) to cause my daughters and I relationship to become estranged and brainwash her, keep us apart. The State of Arizona favors grandparent involvement. Im so miserable I dont know what to do!! At this point, you're merely making allegations. Since then, daughter and boyfriend have been taking all classes that are required, they are providing clean UAs. All this happened because I moved out of my ex foster moms and she called and made false reports to get custody of her for the money! And when a true family member shows up, asking for custody or even a chance to be part of a case, I am refused and turned away. I forgot my phone at home didnt have my landlords number I couldnt just call to inform him so I let the nurses know and specifically informed them and made sure baby girl was in there care and Ill be outside when they are released. I get back and theres dcs already got a court order to take my baby saying mom had tested positive and my baby as well, they were informed I was running from law enforcement, I was on drugs, and my home was a known drug house. Call Today for a Free Consultation (480) 656-7301 About Us I need help I feel like my public pretender is not at all trying to help me Ive been told to give az dcs what they want (my children) ( admit to false allegations of abuse and neglect) (agree that I am doing what they are saying although i can prove it untrue) and this will get them back faster I need a real lawyer willing to fight but i have no funds they say here is what you need to do here is your case plan to get your kids back I follow through then they say youre just checking off the boxes it not enough youre not doing it for the right reasons shouldnt my lifestyle changes be what gets my kids back sooner not pleasing them or not pissing them off shouldnt me following through with my case plan be knowledge in the positive and not disregarded shouldnt doing this for ourselves and children be the right reasons. I dont know how to do this. My son is not allowed to see me thanks to the gay guy who took him . Let DHS and CPS know we will not stand for any more. One night she couched and coughed thru her into a seizure I got her out of it but she went back into another I couldnt get her to come out of it she stopped breathing I performed CPR for the longest 15mins of my life I felt one of her ribs break, I tried I didnt give up till the paramedic arrived they worked on her probably another 30mins they tried there best. They took my 8 year old daughter after I told her we would be brave and speak up and I told her everything would be ok. She was taken from my care, from her 2 cousins and their 2 friends and I was taken away in cuffs. I am under cps been under them for 1 year still going about to find a real lawyer all they did to my family is teared it apart make demand in the middle they tried to make me do a u.a. Oh and they said I should have been able to tell babymoma was using. She stated the last time she spoke with my daughter was about 6 weeks ago, that daughter was dodging her phone calls. Discuss Your Legal Issue Ask a Lawyer Family Law I wanna know if I have a case against Arizona state and CPS? Our children are our most valued treasures. Can anyone refer me to a good CPS Lawyer here in Tucson, Az plz. Thanks for letting us know you want these cases! One set of foster parents laid around and let my children ride the bikes all over the highway which they could have been ran over. 1. . Juliana Ore-Giron also represents the interests of grandparents wanting to intervene in DCS cases or assert their rights as a grandparent. FightCPS does not work with or know any of these lawyers. His children are grown now so he has much less to worry about. Also when they went into Georgia custody because of the illegal pick up order we had the papers showing the suspension the very next day but the supervisor in arizona told them our papers were not legal. At Ayala Law Office, P.C., in Tucson, we concentrate on delivering experienced and future-oriented divorce and family law strategies. I Have lost my kids because my case was taking too long but I felt that I didnt have a chance to complete my case plan because I had nobody working with me, only against me. We NEVER stood a chance we have done everything they said, we never talk to the dcs caseworker it was always a third party lady with Casey family that has always wanted us to separate and since we didnt she has ruined the bond our kids had with us. They are taking her into custody upon discharge, Hi I am interested in your services please contact me Mary [last name deleted] at 32five 5one8-58five2, Im in need of a attorney I reside in Springfield Illinois, Today After no luck with ombudsman I resorted to calling the cps abuse hotline to report abuse against cps . I think they need to be exposed for what they are. But they got covid and the airline gave me basically a raincheck until it was safe for them to fly. That's why }, { hello my children were taken by dhr and two placed in Jefferson county and one is still in Blount county but when cps came to }, How to resolve a complaint or disagreement with Arizona CPS, Alaska OCS Lawyers, Laws, and Resources for Families, Alabama CPS Lawyers, Laws, and Resources for Families, Arizona: CPS Social Workers, Attorney, and Law Enforcement Agents Must Face a Jury Over Coerced Forced Entry, For Those Looking For a CPS Defense Lawyer, Ohio: CPS Social Worker Fired For Not Following Court Orders, Gillespie, Shields, Durrant, and Goldfarb, ICPC request this stands for Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children, Terms of Use, Compensation Disclosure, Privacy Policy, Request to Have Something Removed From the Site. Experience: 11 years 520-210-9564 I couldnt imagine those people in my life for over a Year. CPS told his dad to fly in and file an emergency protection order with the court. The response does not form an attorney-client relationship, nor is it intended to be anything other than the educated . Your attorney will file your complaint in the federal district court that has jurisdiction over the county where the CPS agency is located. She said she cannot give me any more information because I was not part of the case. I called some lawyers but seems like everyone is scared of DCS! Contenidos. Even serial killers must be found guilty by evidence (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) so that my 11 yr old can be with her family and the so called team disagreed and said that california is way more stricter than Arizona so they were surprise to see it had been approved. If you have problems getting this done, try going to the county supervisors in the place where the children are held at, to explain the situation privately to supervisors, or publicly at their county supervisor meetings. Find the best ones near you. The man who I saw touch my daughter did not even get questioned to my knowledge. Judges Signature Warrent from police or an Exigent Physical or Sexual Emergency.. Its THE LAW DONT LET THEM BREAK IT. So do not trust My Sisters Place.. My 3 week old daughter was taken out of the hospital by CPS and given to another family member. Attorney DeeAn Gillespie works tirelessly to advocate against unfair and inappropriate removal of children and is very passionate in advocating for families. In the meantime go to and look for Florida Child Dependency Attorney. I hope this helps. Information about the law or tools to help solve simple legal problems. The Georgia worker said that was detrimental to my grandsons. I said, well the court hearing hasnt even happened yet, how can you know what the judge is going to say? The case worker replied, Because the judge already decided it, thats all I know. Please help. My 2 daughters were separated from each my oldest does have some behavioral mental health issues, and she had requested to be adopted out. And they went and did it anyway. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Why hire a Child abuse attorney. Leave the State or get an Attorney at this point. They made false allegations and talked to her without my permission, and from the beginning of the case robbed me of even having a chance to be able to reunify.!! Im not allowed to mention names on here but that Lawyer they have is the best. We did not have the docs at that moment to prove it. I have trial next month and I have been treated so unfair Ive never been able to speak in court even i dont know what to do. Call Topher Margolis with Rideout Law Group in Lake Havasu AZ. Please i have 4 children stolen with no due process. Lawyers Arizona CPS Lawyers, Laws, and Resources for Families March 5, 2016- By Linda Martin- 82 Comments This page contains links to Arizona CPS lawyers who work for families, and other resources that could be helpful for families involved in Arizona child services cases. We are n ou t from here 2 Have CPS served with the complaint. Your email address will not be published. If its not on there it didnt happen. Parents should document too. but before I found out about all of this,I thought that was part of her disability. I have read so may cases where the p p. was not fighting for their clients. The Department of Child Services (formerly Child Protective Services: CPS) may decide to remove your child with allegations of abuse or neglect. 2. I told Georgia and police that it was suspended. Youve left me speechless. Tell your former lawyer, the public defenders office I dont know how your state handles this. Super Lawyers. Her placement people own cats because my visits theres sometimes cat hair on her clothing and on visit my baby had puncture wounds 6of them on her leg space apart perfectly and deep I seen full-grown cat bites and have not fought in my mind one of there cats had its fangs teeth in her little leg I documented it reported it to a few workers case aids even my pretender and I couldve got a better response if I was talking to myself. We have offices in both Phoenix and Mesa. Free Consultation. We were in route to my grandpas when I gave birth FindLaw's Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Any reference to legal fees on this website is based on cases of the particular type referenced. Our very strategic planning and actions work to investigate DSS fraud, investigate Child Protective Services fraud (CPS fraud) and investigate Child Protective Services corruption (CPS corruption) against these criminals to seek indictments for the arrests of fraudulent Child Protective Services case workers (arrests of fraudulent CPS case DCS KIDNAPPED OUR 3 KIDS FEB 2019. Click the link above to continue or CANCEL, Evidentiary Hearing and Temporary Orders in Arizona. We feel that they were legally kidnapped and would love any and all help or advice on how to fight for them. And this is to be expected from taking care of a child for a long time, but I also feel they are well respected by the court, they have great lawyers, and they will do anything to keep the kids. So DCS can steal kids and not have to provide proof im guilty .. What to Do If Child Protective Services Social Workers Are Investigating You California: Verdict Against CPS for 4.9 Million! They gave him an attorney who will not return calls, says his email is broken and is no help at all. Nav Map The information provided in this website is general and not legal, tax, financial or mental health advice.